Confectionery with a

Boozy Sweets

Exclusively made hard boiled sweets with flavours like Champagne, Whisky and Coke, Pina Colada and Peach Bellini

Sticks of Rock

Fantastically different flavours of seaside rock sticks. Flavours include Flaming Sambuca, Jam Doughnut and Salted Caramel.

Rock Sweets

Traditional hard boiled sweets bags with flavours from Rhubarb to Kola, and Clove to Cinnamon

Gummy Sweets

Nice gummy sweets like Wine Gums, Fruit Pastilles, Jelly Babies and the elusive Pink Watermelons

Scottish Favourites

Iconic Scottish favourites like Soor Plooms, Oddfellows, Scottish Tablet and Edinburgh Rock


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